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Man catches Indiana lifeguard sleeping on the job

GARY, Ind. (WISH) – It’s a video that’s quickly picking up views online and likely leaving those who watch it shaking their heads.

Posted on YouTube over the weekend by a man who was visiting Marquette Park Beach in Gary with his family, the video shows a female lifeguard sleeping on the job, laying in the shade on a beach towel.


The man behind the camera sternly asks the lifeguard what she’s doing.

“Excuse me,” the man says in the video. “I used to be a lifeguard for five years and I’m just wondering why you’re laying down on the job. Aren’t you supposed to be watching the water?”

It’s difficult to hear the lifeguard’s responses during the three-minute video, though she remains in a reclined position as the man continues to ask her questions.

It’s unclear if any action was taken against the lifeguard.