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Man found guilty of Waynesville quadruple murder speaks

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — A man found guilty of killing a woman and three men back in 2013 will be sentenced on Thursday.

In a jailhouse interview Samuel Sallee told 24-Hour News 8 that regardless of his sentence, he would like to appeal. He says he is innocent.

On Thursday, Samuel Sallee will learn his fate, which could include life in prison.

“(Explicit) yea it scares me,” said Sallee.

Sallee considered the victims friends. In fact, the day of the murders, he admits he was at the Waynesville home where the crime happened.

“I admitted I was there. We was playing games. I helped him work on the boat and stuff. I was there,” said Sallee.

Authorities found Katheryn Burton, Shawn Burton, Thomas Smith and Aaron Cross dead of gunshot wounds to the head. They say Katheryn was also stabbed.

Sallee said he would visit Katheryn’s house from time to time where he would occasionally do drugs.

“Sometimes I’d get $25 – $50 worth of meth. That’s about it,” said Sallee.

Evidence led police to Sallee, still he denies any involvement.

“The evidence against me was created. They didn’t have no evidence against me. They created evidence,” said Sallee.

In court, Sallee’s defense was that he was too high the day of the murder and not capable of committing the crime. Sallee denies being high on that day. However, a jury found him guilty. He will not receive the death penalty, but could get life in prison without the possibility of parole.