Man will attempt Monumental Marathon in straitjacket to show ‘courage over fear’

Man to run Monumental Marathon in straitjacket

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Steve Cabe is running a full marathon for the first time in a straitjacket at the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday.

Cabe is a magician from Niles, Michigan, and told News 8 it’s a challenge he’s facing in hopes others can find the courage to overcome fears in their lives.

He’s often a public speaker and performs a straitjacket escape. Cabe said he allows spectators to write obstacles they face on his jacket before his demonstration.

“They’ve written miscarriage, divorce, skin color, alcoholism, drug abuse,” Cabe said. “Someone I think said they wrote that they had a family member get hit by a truck and they were trying to overcome the loss of a family member. A lot of people have just written the word ‘fear.'”

It wasn’t until a year ago he decided to wear it while running 26.2 miles and turn those fears into courage. Cabe plans to escape the straitjacket right before crossing the finish line.

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“When we run the race of life we feel like we can’t go any further,” the magician said. “The truth is we can we just have to believe in ourselves and a few different other things and if we can do that than we can escape the straitjacket of life that we all inevitably deal with at some point.”

Cabe said he’s been training all year while running in a straitjacket. Discomfort will be the obvious challenge, but Cabe said not using his arms is the least worry.

“The hard part is how do I drink water? What happens if my nose itches, or what happens if a rock gets in my shoes and I need to make an adjustment?” he mentioned.

However, the runner mentioned he will rely on the kindness of strangers to help him a long the way. His goals are to finish the race and encourage many people to overcome fear in their life.

“No matter what happens whether it’s good or bad I think it all is a really symbolic reflection of the race of life that we’re all on. We deal with circumstances we can’t necessarily predict and the important part is there’s always courage to be found in taking the next step whatever that looks like for any person,” added Cabe.

You can follow Cabe in real time while running and receive updates. Text and subscribe to 317-643-4006. Click here to follow his blog.