A nation on edge, how to keep your cool when you feel you’re about to snap

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Health experts have referred to this time as a “nation on edge.” Everything from the pandemic to politics, the economy to climate change–not to mention every day life–people seem to be losing their cool over what many would consider minor things.

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Examples include yelling at someone at the grocery store because they cut in line. Or, getting frustrated with a fellow flyer when they are slow to move through security.

News 8 spoke with Vanessa Enos, who is a licensed mental health counselor at Community Health Network, to get her thoughts on how to stay calm when we feel we’re about to explode.

“There are a lot of things behind these outbursts. And so–as the person–if you’re the individual that is just feeling that eruption coming, make sure you notice it. Just notice it,” said Enos. “Ask yourself what’s going on. Tell yourself you’re feeling really frustrated. You don’t even need to figure out why. I think sometimes we move so quickly to problem solve.”

Enos said it’s important to pause and take a step back mentally. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is working. Maybe you’re yelling at someone at the airport or while stuck in traffic. Chances are, she says, it’s not helping you get to point B faster. If fact, it’s probably slowing you down.