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CVS Health report: 65+ fastest-growing age group in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new report from CVS Health has shown that Indiana’s senior population is the fastest-growing age group in the state, with the 65+ population growing by nearly a third between 2010 and 2021.

While highlighting mental health, the rise of retail health clinics, and more, the report also highlights the urgent need for the healthcare system to adapt to an aging patient base and meet the evolving needs of older adults.

The report found that among older adults seeking healthcare, 55% have more confidence in their pharmacist and primary care provider than any other age group. Additionally, nearly half of older adults have used virtual care following the pandemic.

In contrast, the use of retail health clinics has doubled among seniors, a trend typically popular with younger consumers.

Mark Stiglitz, chief Medicare officer at CVS Aetna, said regarding the findings, “Indianapolis – that’s the fastest growing Medicare Advantage market in the entire country. What this means is you will have a much larger population with diverse and specific needs.”

The report also explores how the healthcare system can meet the evolving needs of older adults, who are more healthy, active, and living longer than ever.

With 1 in 5 Americans projected to be 65+ by 2030, the report serves as a reminder for healthcare providers to prioritize the needs of this rapidly growing demographic.

“They want to have a voice in their healthcare. And so, the changes will come in-home care, the virtual care, and the retail care environment,” said Stiglitz.