Doing this for 30 seconds a day may cut cancer risk by 80%

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — From a very young age, some people are warned by their parents to stay out of the sun to avoid skin cancer. 

However, evidence is shedding light on the benefits a daily dose of sunshine may have in preventing all types of cancer.

Taking in just 30 seconds of rays in the morning before 9 a.m. slashes cancer risk because the near-infrared light emitted by the sun helps the body release melatonin. Melatonin is a natural antioxidant that prevents cancer-causing gene mutations, repairs and protects cells.  

“It’s still early days, but if further research bears out the initial findings about mass melatonin production — which is highly compelling with the potential to reduce the cancer risk rate by five times, from 1 in 2, to 1 in 10, equating to an 80% reduction — then we should all make time every morning to bathe in the healing light of the sun,” consultant clinical oncologist at Queen’s Center for Oncology and Haematology at Castle Hill Hospital, Dr. Mohammad Khan, said in an interview

The average person produces close to 1,000 potential cancer cells each day.