Expert says concern over monkeypox unlikely matches threat

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On August 4, the U.S. officially declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention currently reports a total of 7,510 cases nationwide 68 of which are in Indiana.

Some health authorities are concerned this number is a gross underestimation, fearing many might have the virus yet are unaware they are infected. The incubation period can last up to two weeks. Only then do signs like fever, swollen glands and fluid-filled rashes and blisters appear.

However, one doctor has a different view. Dr. Jenny Yu, medical director at Healthline Media, tells News 8 it’s likely the concern over monkeypox does not match the actual threat. 

“What I want people to know is not to panic about the news that’s out there in terms of monkeypox,” Yu said. “I want to be able to reassure people from a mental wellness standpoint. Now when we hear anything that is related to an outbreak from a virus, it affects people differently. We are just starting to come out of a pandemic, and this can create a lot of mental distress and anxiety for folks.”

Yu goes on to say the best thing to do for now is be aware monkeypox is circulating, make sure to get the right information from trusted sources, know we have excellent treatments available and–most of all–remain calm.