Scientists discover people may have innate ability to fight delta variant

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – COVID-19 vaccines are shown to be effective against the coronavirus including the delta variant.

Now, according to a new study, scientists found people may produce their own innate defense against the lethal mutation.

Health authorities say vaccination is key to ending the pandemic. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are all highly protective against the coronavirus and its subsequent mutations. As vaccine research continues to evolve so has research involving natural protection. 

The latest development comes from scientists at Duke University and the University of South Carolina Chapel Hill. Researchers took blood samples from a patient previously infected during the SARS viral outbreak from the early 2000’s. They also took blood samples from a current patient infected with COVID-19.

Researchers identified 1,700 antibodies between the two blood samples. Fifty of the 1,700 were able to stop the replication of both SARS and COVID-19–not only in its original form but also some variants. 

One antibody in particular effectively blocked infection of SARS, COVID-19 and the delta variant when injected into infected mice.   

This discovery, they say, could be harnessed to prevent future viral outbreaks