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Separated couples clash over getting their children vaccinated

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Divorced parents may have a tough time negotiating, especially when it comes to vaccinations. 

So, what should happen if one parent wants their child to get the COVID-19 shot, but the other doesn’t and neither one is willing to budge?

News 8 spoke with Dr. Heather Fretwell, psychiatrist at Eskenazi Health, who says it is possible to come a decision, but it will take some work.

“I think what people want most is to keep their child safe and healthy,” Fretwell said. “And so the question becomes, do the vaccines help us or do the vaccines put the child more at risk?”

Fretwell says to acknowledge each other regardless of what side you’re on because the common goal for both parents is to make a decision that’s best for the child.

She also says they should both talk to their child’s pediatrician, keep in mind it will likely take more than one conversation to come to a final decision, and remember to stay mature and civil during discussions.