Watch News 8 special ‘Coping with Coronavirus’

Recap from News 8 special “Coping with Coronavirus”

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — News 8 hosted a Health Spotlight 8 community conversation related to coronavirus.

“Coping with Coronavirus” was an hourlong, commercial-free broadcast at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

In our studio were:

  • Dr. Virginia Caine – Director, Marion County Public Health Department
  • Aleesia Johnson – Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent
  • Dr. Graham Carlos – Chief of Internal Medicine, Eskenazi Health
  • Dr. Ram Yeleti – Chief Physician Executive for Community Health Network
  • Paul Babcock – Director of Indianapolis Office of Public Health and Safety

Throughout the special, the experts answered several questions about the virus including how COVID-19 is different than the flu.

“One of the differences between coronavirus and influenza is coronavirus can be a lot more contagious. You need to wait until you are symptom free for at least 48 hours,” said Yeleti.

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During this time, health officials have urged social distancing, a move they say will help slow the spread of coronavirus.

“There are some vulnerable people in our population, so I agree that it’s important for social distancing,” said Carlos.

“There are likely a number of cases we haven’t identified,” said Caine.

While people continue to change their lives during the pandemic, health officials say it’ll all be worth it in the long run.

“This is going to have an impact on people and their livelihoods,”said Babcock. “We’re hoping that were able to mitigate the problems that occur because of the restrictions, but we want to keep everyone healthy and safe.”