Men’s Summer Style Do’s and Don’ts

Men’s Summer Style Do’s and Don’ts

We chat about women’s fashion quite a bit on Indy Style, but this time, we’re turning the camera on the men.

Brandie Price, Image Consultant and Personal Brand Expert, shares some fashion “do’s and don’ts” just in time for summer!

DO Incorporate brighter colors into your wardrobe.  Boldly say goodbye to the cold with a wardrobe refresh.  A few fresh ties can help put you in a more relaxed summer mood and transition well for an after work gathering with friends. Brighter colored tee shirts can liven up your basic bottoms, and make it easy for your friends to find you while at the lake.

DO NOT Rely solely on Crocs for your summer shoe of choice.  Dress it up a little with a boat shoe like a Sperry from time to time.  

DO Mix prints.  Whether pairing a check shirt with a polka dot tie, or plaid shorts with a floral button down it is okay to mix your prints together.  For some of us this was a big no-no growing up, but the trends have really changed to not only allow this, but promote it.  If you are new to mixing prints the key thing to remember pertains to the scale of the print.  Do not pair prints of the same scale, pair prints of differing scales.  Having a medium scale plaid short with a small-scale floral can really make a nice subtle impact.  Focusing on at least one common color between the two garments will solidify the combination visually.

DO NOT Wear your standard board shorts out to the grocery store, or to the movie theater.  Keep those shorts as close to the body of water as you can!

DO Wear sunscreen.  Sunscreen is available in many forms.  I recommend using a 50 SPF with a dual duty for your face. If you are going to the trouble to place product on your face, it might as well be doing two jobs.  My favorite has a brightening ingredient in it that softens any discoloration you may have accumulated over the years.  If you are going to be partaking in water sports or getting particularly sweaty try a nice spray on sunscreen that can keep you covered, and be cognizant to reapply.

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