Mixed reaction on 25% capacity at Indy 500

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — Indy 500 fans will be required to mask up at this year’s race and the number allowed to see it in person has dropped to 25%.

Many people who live and work in Speedway said the number of fans allowed at the race will have a major impact on their livelihoods.

Donald Caldwell and Denise Albrech both live near the track and make thousands of dollars every race weekend parking cars at their homes. They tell us they use the money to help pay their bills and with fewer people in attendance, they won’t break even.

“What am I supposed to do? Charge these people two times as much, three times as much just to be able to help me pay my bills or do I just let it go and tell everybody, ‘no I’m not parking this year?”‘ asked Caldwell.

“Why have a race then? We can’t park cars, this is what pays my property tax and this is what pays my homeowner’s insurance,” said Albrecht.

But many business owners are breathing a sigh of relief after the announcement. Owner of Barbecue and Bourbon Marcia Huff said she is just thankful a race is still happening.

“We use to do all the race teams, well not all but most of the race teams, the media, but this year we can’t we can’t go in. I’m happy they’re having it. I really thought it was going to get postponed,” said Huff.

She said her restaurant lost $138,000 this May and she is counting on a race to happen in August so people will stop by to eat.

Huff, Albrecht and Caldwell did agree on one thing, they all said they don’t think IMS officials will have a hard time with mask enforcement.

They said real race fans will do whatever they have to see the race in person.

IMS officials said a detailed plan explaining how the race will run, will be available on Wednesday.


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