Mobile home park in limbo ‘looks like a tornado hit’

Health concerns at I-70 Mobile Home Park

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People living in the I-70 Mobile Home Park on the city’s southwest side remain in limbo.

The condition of the park is deteriorating so quickly that the Marion County Health Department has gotten involved.

“It looks like a tornado hit it,” said resident John Hale.

Resident Jeff Melton agreed. “It’s like a tornado came through here! It’s ridiculous.”

Hale added, “It’s causing mice infestation, rodents. It’s causing more feral cats to come in here, stray dogs. Kids are playing on these piles. There’s glass. There’s nails. There’s stuff laying all around.”

In August, residents were told they had 60 days to get out. The owner, Blue Lake Inc. said it couldn’t afford to pay $100,000 for a new sewer system for the park. The deadline for people to vacate was Oct. 15. A court order pushed the deadline. News 8 could not get in touch with the owners by phone.

Since then, residents told News 8 they can’t to get in touch with the owners to get the titles to their homes. According to Attorney General Curtis Hill’s campaign website, people living in the park have 21 days from when they get the title to leave. But without contact from Blue Lake Inc., that’s easier said than done.

“Everything is in limbo right at the moment. There’s no management here. Nobody controlling anything here. I guess it’s every man and woman for themselves,” Melton said.

In addition looters have targeted the park. Hale said, “They’ve caught them in here a bunch of times just stripping trailers, stripping copper, whatever they can get a hold of.”

The Marion County Health Department issued a violation notice to the property owner Dec. 31 and cited trash and debris. The owner of the park asked for a hearing. That request has put cleaning up the mobile home park on hold. The Health Department has not yet said when that hearing will be.

Hale said that the looters “also been breaking in sheds stealing things. They’ve broken in, stealing broke glass out of the back door, stolen carpet, this and that.”

Melton said, “Right now, I know myself, I have nowhere to go right now at the moment. I’ve paid for my move, but I have nowhere to go.”