Mom seeks help after losing small urn of son’s ashes

Mother searching for son’s missing ashes, urn

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — A woman is asking for help after she lost her son’s ashes on Tuesday.

Sheryl Brown said Christopher Morton’s ashes were in a small urn. Morton died in 2018 at age 31.

The urn and Morton’s dog tag necklace were wrapped up in a shopping bag. It was tucked in her purse. She was running some errands in Avon and Plainfield before bringing some of her son’s belongings to her ex. Suddenly, she realized the shopping bag was gone. 

Brown said, “I pulled my wallet out of my purse and it fell out. I’ve called everybody, and nobody found it. Please, take it to your local police station.”

The small urn is from 3-4 inches tall. The dog tag has the name “Biffy,” Morton’s nickname, engraved on it.

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Brown stopped at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Walmart in Avon and Walmart and Goodwill in Plainfield.

Anyone who fines the tan, Kroger bag with the urn is asked to contact police.