Monster lizard terrorizes family in South Florida

DAVIE, Fla. (WFLA) – A Florida family can’t seem to get rid of a giant lizard that’s been roaming their back yard.

The six-foot creature has been hanging out in Maria and Zach Lieberman’s back yard in Davie for several days.

They can’t trap the monstrous creature but they did capture it on video. The brazen animal has been identified as an Asian or Nile water monitor.

Even professional trapper have had no luck getting the big guy, and the Lieberman’s say it keeps coming back — all the way up to the sliding glass door on their back porch.

“I was like, ‘Oh boy. That’s a big fella,'” Zach Lieberman said.

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Lieberman worries about the safety of his children while they are outside.

The monitor is an invasive species to Florida and their bite can be painful, experts say. 

The Liebermans also contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help the trap the lizard. “Everybody is trying to get it and get it alive,” Zach Lieberman told NBC6.

The family has definitely been getting a lot of attention from the media on this.