More animals left outside Logansport’s Humane Society

LOGANSPORT, Ind. (WLFI) — The Cass County Humane Society is dealing with more animals than normal.

This is after multiple pets were dropped off outside of the shelter without consent.

Workers at the Cass County Humane Society hear barks and meows all the time around their facility. But recently, they’ve been hearing it outside of their facility at their doorstep.

“It’s just a problem,” said Executive Director Amanda Lane.

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According to Lane, the shelter has experienced two incidences where pets were dropped off at the shelter at 700 Water St., on Logansport’s northwest side. The first time was on May 28 when six kittens and two cats were dropped off. The second time, a dog and cat were dropped off in the same cage.

“It’s not safe for the animals,” Lane said. “It’s not safe for basically us because we don’t know any of the history on their animal.”

It’s called dumping, when an owner drops their animal off without consent. Animal Control Officer Brian Hyder said people doing this could lead to big consequences.

“You’re looking at abandonment, you’re looking at neglect, and depending on the whole situation it could be as well as even animal cruelty,” Hyder said.

The shelter plans to raise money for new surveillance cameras outside the building. Lane also said some of the dogs will go to a shelter in Valparaiso called Lakeshore Paws.

“When we get full, what we do is we call rescues that we know, have special adoption prices,” Lane said. “You know, we move the animals because sometimes getting them out and getting them in different areas they get adopted.”

Christy Hile said the stray population in Cass County could be a part of the problem.

“It’s pretty bad,” Hile said.

She and her family have surrendered many strays to the shelter.

“They’re pets and they’re not human, but they are important and doing something like dumping them,” Hile said. “I mean you wouldn’t dump your own kids.”

According to the Cass County Humane Society, people should think twice before dumping their pets.

“No matter what your situation is make the right choice,” Lane said. “Do what’s right for your animal. If you drop them off like you did here, it’s not going to be a surrender fee. It’s going to be, like, charges.”