Mortgage company lends a hand to people in need with ‘pay it forward’ initiative

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People at Royal United Mortgage say they are using the company’s good fortune as an opportunity to help Indianapolis residents who’ve fallen on hard times because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employees at the company’s locations across the country are being given $100 each to go and “pay it forward” in the community. In total, the company is handing out about $50,000.

Julie Wright, the Vice President of Engagement in Indianapolis, says while the company has been doing well they know many in the community have been struggling.

“We know that’s not been the case for millions of Americans during the pandemic,” she said. ” Reduced hours or lost jobs altogether. There’s incredible need right in our back yard.”

Wright says the money, typically saved for company holiday parties, presented an opportunity to do something “better with the money.”

During Phase I of the project, employees went out to find random people in need to give to.

Royal United Mortgage plans to use another $50,000 in Phase II of its “pay it forward” initiative. Employees will nominate to give even bigger donations to people greatly affected by COVID-19.


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