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Move over, Grumpy Cat: Meet Earl the Grumpy Puppy

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Move over, Grumpy Cat. The Internet now has a cantankerous canine to adore and he’s from the Quad Cities.

The five-month old Puggle pup known as “Earl the Grumpy Puppy” lives in Davenport. He has his own Facebook and Instagram which garnered tens of thousands of followers in just the last couple of days.

Who can resist that furry, frown face? “Earl the Grumpy Puppy” is named for the less-than-amused expression his pet parents say he so often makes. At five months old you might ask, what does he have to be a grouch about? Romping in the yard he seems quite the peppy puppy. So is the disgruntled demeanor for real, or is Earl just misunderstood?

“We get the frown and the goofy looks all the time. But when he’s sleepy it’s dirty, dirty looks and we know not to touch him,” said Earl’s owner, Derek Bloomfield.

With snapshots of Earl’s stare the couple recently created his own social media pages. Overnight it seems this puppy’s picture is everywhere.

“I’m just happy people get to see what we see every day. His personality, we sit and crack up all the time,” said Bloomfield’s fiance Christie Bailey. “So the fact that everyone else loves him as much as we do, we think it’s awesome.”