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Moving the essentials

Hello, this is Anton Galushko, CEO of California Movers. The crisis in our home state of California, the wider United States, and indeed the whole world, has disrupted trade and lives on an unprecedented scale. People prepared to move and start new chapters in their life have been forced to shelter in place. Non-essential commerce has slowed to a trickle, the number of people and goods moving to and from the nation has seen such a rapid reduction it could take years for the economy to recover. This is the price we are all gladly paying to flatten the curve and push through to the other side of the pandemic crisis. Though life will not be the same after the initial crisis has passed, it will be easier.

In the meantime, everyone needs to adjust to this time of crisis so that we can live our lives safely and healthy. Our company is dedicated to making sure all our efforts continue as safely as possible. Our website proudly declares:

“Please also know we continue to maintain our high standards for safety and cleanliness. In addition to practicing preventative measures to reduce the spread of germs within our facilities, all of our moving trucks and equipment goes through a rigorous, multi-step cleaning process before each move. We remain vigilant in upholding these practices and will take additional precautions as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.”

California Movers is considered an essential business. As we are dedicated to movement, relocation, and transportation within the state and beyond, we make sure that people who have to move during this crisis are done so with the utmost safety in mind. Our crews and technicians are trained and hard at work engaging in social distancing, washing our hands often, and cleaning regularly to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19. This includes wearing masks while on the job.

There is a lot of confusion on the wearing of masks in public and whether or not it helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. Originally, the Center for Disease Control stated that only those with the disease need to wear masks to prevent spread. More recent evidence recommends mask usage in public regardless if people have the disease or not.

There are several reasons for this. For one, the symptoms of the coronavirus can vary, and some infected people may not even realize they have it. Also, some people may have the disease but show no symptoms. When those people go out for essential business, they risk spreading the disease through their coughs, sneezes, and the like. Public use of masks helps reduce spread from these possible disease vectors.

Some people are reluctant to wear masks because they feel they are not at risk of contracting the disease. Even if they are not at risk themselves, though the disease is affecting every age group by this point, they do risk spreading the disease to those more vulnerable. That is the main reason masks are a good idea when out on essential business. Even more so because people risk spreading the disease to essential workers who are often unable to obtain protective gear and are forced to work long hours exposed to the public.

Wearing a mask may make verbal communication difficult, but they offer another layer of potential safety in the fight to flatten the curve and allow us all to gain one more step on the path to a return to new, post-pandemic lives. How one wears a mask can vary depending on the mask itself, but all have similar construction.

We are doing more than just making sure our crews wear masks while they work. That is because to provide as much help as we can in these difficult times, we are moving more than just people. As an essential business devoted to movement and relocation as well as our community and our nation, we are moving essential supplies where they are needed most. This includes masks vital to the health and safety of essential workers throughout the state and the nation. Thanks to such efforts, those workers can continue to work without fear of contracting the disease themselves while they work with infected and potentially infected patients.

In fact, we are doing more than just transporting masks where they are needed most. We are ensuring masks and hand sanitizer is being collected and transported to local hospitals at no charge. In these trying times we all have to do our part to make sure our front line health care workers, who are caring for those infected and recovering, can do so without fear of infection themselves.

As a moving company we understand the importance of logistics in all fields. Whether it is moving people are goods, essential items need to go from one location to another. That has not changed during the pandemic. What has changed is the defining of essentials. Instead of moving families from one state to another, we are moving masks and sanitizer to hospitals so those hospitals can continue to function at optimal levels. Without those vital supplies, hospitals might have to lay off workers or reduce shifts in order to make sure their workers remain protected. This would overload a system already near the brink of collapse even as the curve starts to flatten.

We must all do our part to make sure everyone can get through this crisis as easily and safely as possible. As the CEO of a moving company, I am not only ensuring our employees follow all CDC guidelines for health and safety during the pandemic. I am also putting our companies resources towards making sure our hospitals have the essential masks and sanitizers they need in order to keep their employees safe and helping those who need it most in these difficult times. Without those supplies, our already overburdened medical system could collapse.

Even though the curve is flattening and cases and deaths are starting to lower, the pandemic is still very much a threat. Our company is doing everything it can to make sure we all get through this. Please, lend us your support and provide what essential supplies you can for us to pick them up and deliver them where they are needed most. Every bit of support can help us all save lives.