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Annual Walker Theater MLK celebration to be virtual with special guests

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Cities around the country are preparing for annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations.

But like so many others, The Madam Walker Legacy Center’s yearly celebration of his life will look different this year.

For generations, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been the face of the civil rights fight. And that fight continues.

“Especially right now with the current events that are happening in our world, you know, over the last year just where we have been with social justice issues, in general,” said Kristian Strickland, Madam Walker Legacy Center board member.

Every year the center is a place to remember him. It’s typically a packed event with musicians, dancers and speakers.

But in a pandemic, it’s forced to go online with legendary civil rights activist Angela Davis and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza.

“It will give each speaker an opportunity to really share from their own personal perspective why they joined in the movement,” Strickland said. “Why it was important in their day and age and then for them to come together.”

Over the past year, we’ve seen protests on a major scale across the country demanding social justice. We’ve seen women lead the charge and win political office. And now two generations of activists are coming together to lead this celebration.

“We would love for everyone, both men and women, to be able to celebrate our strong women and our strong black women. That’s who Madam Walker was,” Strickland said.

Attorney and commentator Angela Rye is moderating the event. The virtual celebration is free, but you’ll have to register.


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