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Art exhibit showcases artists behind Black Lives Matter street mural

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Eighteen artists brought the Black Lives Matter street mural to life. And while the individual letters represent a whole work of art, the artists involved have their own aesthetic and a new exhibit now highlights their individual work.

The exhibit at the Indianapolis Arts Center is called “Eighteen: Black Lives Matter.” These artists, like so many others, use their craft to chronicle moments in history–and 2020 has given us a lot. But the idea is to take something with you when you walk through this exhibit.

Indiana Avenue has a legacy of its own. And for months now the colorful message is still stamped on it: Black Lives Matter.

“My ‘A’ is basically a deconstructed American flag,” said Harriett Watson. She’s one of the artists whose individual work is on display at the Indianapolis Art Center.

She was drawn to the street mural project by continued social unrest and wanting to do more than just protest. That passion is also shown in the exhibit.

“It’s beneficial for a lot of people, not just the artist. But I think for the community to see a perspective in a different way and an art form,” she said.

It’s an idea not lost on Indianapolis Art Center representative Colton Pedro. He said the community space is for artists. And part of the art center’s mission is making sure the community as a whole is represented.

“Whether it’s expression of identity, social justice — just exploring what it means to be a person of color. Uplifting those who are unseen,” said Pedro.

The art center realized the passion in the art, and knew artists needed more space to speak about what they are fighting against and standing up for.

“Be open to the conversation, be open to the change and be open to listening to those who don’t always have a voice.”