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‘BUTTER 2’ showcases equity in art while building on 2021 exhibit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — “BUTTER 2,” a fine arts fair showcasing Black artists, is returning bigger than before.

The four-day event will display the work of nearly 50 Black visual artists primarily from Indianapolis in the downtown Stutz Building.

GangGang, the organization behind the fine arts fair says its mission began with the goal of showcasing Black artists and creatives. But, the fine arts fair’s organizers have surpassed their dream, morphing into something more valuable. Although the event begins in a few days, they let News 8 get an inside look.

Sculptor and painter Marvin Rouse said, “It’s just, like, incredible the growth of how many artist there are. I’m, like, totally amazed.”

“It’s imperative that it’s shown more. I think the exposure for Black art and culture is the most important because it had a dim light on it throughout the history of art,” Rouse added.

Founder and executive director Mali Jeffers says the success of the first event in September 2021 proved Indianapolis is ready for it. “We unveiled ‘BUTTER’ as this effort to test new models of equity in the art industry, and to bring something new to Indianapolis, and, so, Indianapolis has caught on. This is equity in action, and I think that’s why people are so attracted to it.”

She calls it a multidimensional, multisensory cultural experience. The fine arts fair will three times larger than the first and spaced out in three halls.

Director of exhibition Bradee Euliss said, “This is a little atypical for the artists we’re trying to support and the opportunities that have been extended to them previously. So, we start making decisions about who we want to invite to ‘BUTTER,’ like, 10 months out.”

The inaugural fine arts fair was the launch of a plan to build equity in the arts.

“We’re very excited about where BUTTER is going and where it has gone already and what it looks like for the future,” Jeffers said.