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Carmel group set to hold ‘Walk for Equity in Education’

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — A march for equity in education is happening on Saturday in Carmel. Organizers said concern about systemic racism can stretch into all corners of society and that includes the classroom.

Carmel Against Racial Injustice is the group organizing the Walk for Equity in Education. And they are inviting anyone who wants to see more diversity, in terms of the curriculum, cultural awareness and even staff in schools to participate.

The group has been around for a couple months and organizers say they are passionate about working hard in the fight for justice. Three members with ties to Carmel founded the organization to raise awareness about racial injustice, systemic racism in schools, police and communities.

To help move the conversation forward, organizers created a list of education reform initiatives. Some of them include bringing in a chief equity inclusion officer, adding implicit and cultural bias training, and hire a more diverse staff.

“Equity is beneficial to everybody. I always say myself, as a white woman, I’ve never going to understand what the students are going through, but I can empathize and I can use my privilege to try to change the system that people like me built,” said one of the founding members, Ashten Spilker.

Organizers said they’ve been in touch with the Carmel schools superintendent. No word on if or when any of those recommended initiatives will be implemented.

They are gathering outside Carmel High School for a couple hours on Saturday before marching down Main Street.