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Ignitor product line aims to promote art, unity in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local nonprofit is taking reused material and creating products drawn from inspiration around us.

They are, in part, stitching design and unity into one. For a dozen years, People for Urban Progress has been taking recycled materials and turning them into something else. They are now introducing their new Ignitor line. It’s aimed at uplifting inclusive design in Indy.

It has to say something. It has to mean something. That’s the position graphic designer Byron Elliott takes when creating any design. This go-around he means to use a T-shirt to uplift and unite people.

“Art is a reflection of life. I believe if you’re not living, you can’t make ‘affective’ art,” Elliott said.

Elliott is one of the artists helping launch the latest product of nonprofit People For Urban Progress: the Ignitor product line. It includes his “Alliance” T-shirt and “Ally” backpacks made with pool covers. The image on the shirt represents Indianapolis. The two shades of hands represent the city’s diversity.

“I really wanted to be down there protesting but I felt like doing something more like this it felt better. It felt like it was longer-lasting,” he said.

People For Urban Progress for 12 years has used recycled material to create something new. This time, they are drawing inspiration again from the world around us. Hoping through each stitch and print they can unite just a bit more.

“This is the Ignitor line because we would like to ignite the conversation throughout the city of repurpose and reuse and also diversity and design,” Executive Director Turae Dabney said.

She said this new line also focuses on the diverse artist population. Minority artists often face challenges when it comes to finding funding. Some of the proceeds from this project will fund a new fellowship aimed at identifying and uplifting diverse designers in the city.

“We as a city are very resilient city, and that’s because we are an inclusive city.”

Elliott said he hopes these pieces help us find similarities within the community and unite for a better Indy.

For the initial roll out of the line, 20 backpacks and 50 T-shirts are available.