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Indianapolis City-County Council to hear LGBTQ+ special resolution

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Several city-county council members are backing the push for a resolution to create a Transgender Youth and Family Safety Day in Indianapolis, which comes after a series of new state laws centered around trans youth have been signed into effect.

Nine counselors are sponsoring the proposal, saying that the councilors recognize the attacks on young LGBTQIA+ Hoosiers and want to reaffirm the City of Indianapolis’ commitment to their safety and freedom.

The resolution says transgender youth and families are under attack. Last week, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill requiring teachers to alert parents if their child requests a name or pronoun change at school. Last month, he signed another bill banning gender transition care for minors.

Advocates like the ACLU say the state saw a record-breaking number of anti-trans legislation filed.
The resolution further touched on the vital nature of having freedom of expression, and suicide rate reduction when youth are able to have family support and access to professional care.

Chris Paulsen, chief executive officer of Indiana Youth Group, says in the last year, youth attendance has gone up more than 300 percent. As many youth are looking for a safe space, or place to be with people who understand them.

“It’s an attack on the youth, being told over and over again ‘you are not welcome here,’ and then ‘we are going to out you, and put your life in danger.’ That’s an attack. We know one and four youths who come out to their parents will be thrown out of their house – two of the three remaining in their home will not feel safe,” Paulsen said.

She says this push by the council members is a spark of hope, but the organization would like to see Indianapolis become a sanctuary city where youth and all LGBTQ+ people can feel safe.

Governor Holcomb has previously said in reference to transition care, surgeries, and medically prescribed preparation for transition should happen as an adult, not as a minor. LGBTQ+ advocates say they are bracing for the focus to shift to LGBTQ+ adults next year.

The full city-county council is expected to vote on the special resolution during Monday’s city-county council meeting.