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Indianapolis Foundation launches app to improve racial equity

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A new app has been launched to help guide people through their own journeys toward racial equity.

The Indianapolis Foundation says hours of learning content are available.

The app The Movement of 10,000 is free to download. The resources were curated in part through the antiracism training that the Central Indiana Community Foundation has implemented with its staff over the last few years.

The push for racial equity has been a central national conversation over the past few years, and companies and people have been looking at how to better educate themselves and promote equity.

Kayla Knox, the equitable initiatives officer with the Indianapolis Foundation, said, “The intention around that is to make sure this type of learning this type of work can fit into people’s lives.”

The Indianapolis Foundation is an affiliate of the Central Indiana Community Foundation. The agency changed its mission to specifically address racial equity and injustice in central Indiana. The group is not only conducting racial equity training for its employees, but also for others around the city.

“This app definitely contributes to the learning and unlearning and what white people need to do in antiracism work,” she said. “But, what I like about the app is that is centers Indiana, and centers central Indiana, so there is data about the racial inequities we see in our own community.”

Today, much of that curated training has been transformed into app form. The newly launched Movement of 10,000 aims to inform, inspire and ignite equitable change and justice for Indianapolis and the larger central Indiana community.

“It definitely touches on all racial groups as far as their experiences in the history of racism that they’ve experienced in the United States,” Knox said.

Inviting users to learn about racial equity and more by having access to articles, video and podcasts that touch on topics — including the origins and history of how racism — is embedded in our systems. “I know this is an issue, but what do I do? Where do I start? There’s so many resources out there.”