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INDOT collects input on Americans with Disabilities Act improvements

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana Department of Transportation is gearing up to make improvement to its Americans with Disabilities Act transition plan.

Many may think of INDOT as being just roads and highways, but the department believes its federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) work is one of its lesser-known but most important components.

Mobility issues are one of the most common disabilities Hoosiers face, and work is needed to ensure standards help people get around as they should. “That’s why when we look at statewide to always be assessing our ADA transition plan on an ongoing basis because our needs change in all corners of the state,” said Scott Manning, strategic communications director with Indiana Department of Transportation.

INDOT is again collecting input to move forward with its ADA Transition Plan Update for the next three years. Key elements will focus on identifying pedestrian obstacles, such as rough sidewalks, wheelchair-accessible ramps on sidewalks, and pedestrian signals with audible countdowns.

“Making sure our transportation system across the state is equitable and as inclusive as possible,” Manning said. “Making sure we have a system that meets the needs of those who have disability.”

With people moving in and out of rural and urban communities, a need will always exist to revisit plans but also keep communication open with the most-impacted people.

“Meeting the needs of those with disabilities is something that is always evolving as it relates to transportation because our transportation system is always changing,” he said.

INDOT see the transition plan as a living document, always with room to make changes.

Public comments may be submitted to or by calling INDOT’s customer service hotline at 855-INDOT4U (855-463-6848).


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