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Indy art, culture ushers in economic boom

Indy art, culture ushers in economic boom

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Arts and culture in central Indiana are experiencing a boom according to the Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 report, raking in nearly $530 million in art spending in Indiana last year.

The report took a look at nearly 400 communities. The Arts Council of Indianapolis led the charge in gathering data for Indy, finding that the arts generated money and jobs.

Indiana is becoming a center for the arts and culture, and it’s mark has shown to be a near-$530 million business.

“We are appreciating that we need to tell our story in more bold, proud, and loud ways,” said Julie Goodman, president of the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Americans for the Arts released it’s latest Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 report, showing economically the arts is drawing in dollars by the millions, with Indiana, adding on a huge chunk of that.

“Those of us that are in the work everyday know this impact, but it’s been really helpful. It’s helpful data for us to advocate for the impact of the sector,” said Goodman.

Goodman said not only did the art generate $523 million, it created 7,478 jobs in Indianapolis.

“We relied on the arts so much during the pandemic to give us hope, to give us inspiration, to help keep us connected, and I think we’re seeing the results of that in terms of more intentional, appreciation and engagement,” said Goodman.

Goodman credits an ever-growing diverse artist field has made it all possible. She says the art council’s focus on diversity, growing art collectives, ongoing social, and racial reckoning has cultivated an artistic landscape more welcoming of diverse artistic mediums and representation.

“Increased the emphasis, investment, and importance of making sure that we have real authentic representation in everything we do,” said Goodman.