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Indy co-working space helps women entrepreneurs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — COVID-19 has revealed a lot in the last few months; some of it is fear, but the coronavirus pandemic has also uncovered new talents.

An organization is continuing its work showing women who’ve experienced job loss how to create their own.

VIP Center for Business Women Coworking and Meeting Space has been open for about a year. While many businesses have struggled due to COVID-19, representatives of the VIP Center said they’ve seen a spike in women looking to turn a trying time into a win.

A 1900s mini-mansion just off 38th Street on Washington Boulevard serves a new purpose now. Inside, women entrepreneurs work.

“You can come here and be real. You can be real with your fears and your anxiety and your worry. But, what we don’t do is try to stay in that state too long. We really try to figure out how do we overcome that,” said entrepreneur Amanda Gleason.

While data shows women in entrepreneurship is on the rise, compared to men, women don’t often have the same access to capital to grow their business. So, women at the VIP Center are given tools that focus on business growth, support and training.

“I’ve always had a passion around helping businesswomen to grow, to get out of those personal prisons that keep them from being successful in business,” said founder Angie Nuttle.

She said navigating during the pandemic has required a lot of flexibility, from smaller groups to virtual help. But despite that, Nuttle said, there’s been growth in business but not just for her.

“I am seeing an increase in women who now they have to do something and the beauty of it is they’re getting to discover their gifts and what they’re really good at.”

She said, for many women, taking the leap into business can be a bit intimidating. But, this space not only provides tools to be successful, but a safe place to bounce off ideas. While COVID-19 can be scary, now may be the time to be brave and try something new.

“Really think about the two or three things that you’re very very good at, and focus on those, and figure out how you could use those in the moment that we’re in now,” Gleason said.

The company also has a scholarship fund available and can also help women looking to secure microloans for their business.


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