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Jewish Federation rolls out incident reporting tool as reports of anti-Semitism rise

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis says it’s expanding efforts to track anti-Semitic acts and keep communities safer, opening its most recent incident report form earlier this year.

It’s part of a national effort to coordinate online incident reporting and follow-up. Jewish representatives say they aren’t alone in this as many groups are seeing increase in reports of hate.

“If You See Something, Say Something” is a copyrighted phrase that began in New York after 9/11. The Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis leaders hope more people act on following the phrase’s message, providing online incident reporting forms to get it done.

Jeff Linkon with the Jewish Federation told News 8, “These consistent increases are in reaction to the ever-increasing alarming rates of incidents targeted not only at the Jewish community but other nonprofit organizations.”

He said anti-Semitic reports nationally and in Indiana have increased. “Let’s not forget that it was only a couple of years ago that one of our own synagogues here in Carmel was the target of an attack.”

A 21-year-old from a Morgan County community was sentenced to three years in prison for the Carmel synagogue attack in July 2018.

The incident reporting tool is part of the Safe Indy Security Initiative of the Jewish Federation. The tool helps to identify threats, assaults, property damage, suspicious phone calls and emails, and more. Intelligence professionals will review feedback through the incident reports to disseminate to organizations.

“Really no incident is too small. We see all types of reporting,” Linkon said.

He says feedback has already helped thwart anti-Semitic plans, and he hopes this tool helps stop it all. “We’re not only focused on safeguarding our own community but really elevating the entire faith-based community and bringing an end to hate here locally in Indianapolis and throughout the state.”

The Jewish Federation on Thursday will host the hourlong “State of Antisemitism with ADL Midwest,” which is free to the public although registration is required.