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Longtime WISH-TV viewer to celebrate 100th birthday on Christmas

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — ‘Tis the season of giving, and for her upcoming 100 birthday, Mrs. Roberta Thomas had a WISH: She wanted to have her favorite station give her a birthday shoutout. We are honored to do a bit more than that. She said even at 100, there’s so much to live for.

Thomas says the secret to 100 years of life is simple. God and family. She says it’s a blessing to celebrate for Christmas, but also to be here to see her family continue to embrace what she’s taught them.

In this house, family matters. At the center of this family is 99-year-old Roberta Thomas. They call her “mother.”

“Right now, I just enjoy my family together. I like the unity of my family being together,” she said.

This time of the year is time for celebration because Christmas day is also her day.

“They embrace me like they do the holiday,” she said.

She’s had a few loses over the years, but you can feel the love. She’s not much when it comes to size, but she fills up a room.

“We have a bunch of friends and she’s their mom too. It’s just amazing to watch my mom,” her daughter Shelia White said.

In 100 years, she’s done a lot.

“My mother is amazing,” White said.

The things aren’t what counts to her. It’s the people. She had nine children, 28 grandchildren, 38 great grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren to show for it.

“He evidently has a purpose or plan for me that I haven’t fulfilled yet,” Thomas said.

She and her late husband of 73 years provided them with a firm foundation.

“He was my first boyfriend, and it wasn’t because I couldn’t get another one,” she said.

Pushing 100, she does most things by herself, and even gets down from time to time. She says she can’t take the credit for that.

“I say to God, be the glory,” she said

Her family says anyone looking for family, they’re known to stand in the gap. It’s easy to do, because they’ve learned from the best.

“I wish everybody a merry, wonderful, wonderful holiday,” Thomas said.

Although Christmas is her big day, her family is throwing her a big party this Monday.