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Marian University scholarship to cover half of new teacher tuition

Marian University creates educator scholarship

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Marian University is working to expand the teaching pipeline, removing a major financial burden for those looking for a path to the classroom.

Marian University Klipsch Educators College is accepting applications now for first-time students looking to step into primary and secondary education degrees. For qualifying students, the Educators of Tomorrow scholarship will cover 50% of tuition.

The hope is to encourage and prepare students in underrepresented populations to pursue teaching careers.

Teacher shortages in Indiana have reached historic highs, according to the Indiana State Teacher Association. There’s several reasons why, but Marian University is taking aim at one reason, and that’s cost.

“It’ll allow any student across our state to earn a 50% scholarship off their tuition here for teachers,” said Marlon Llewellyn, director of recruitment and strategic partnerships of Klipsch Educators College at Marian University Indianapolis. Llewellyn said applications are being accepted right now for high school students nearing graduation and first-time full-time students.

The requirements: Admission to the four-year education program at Klipsch Educators College, 3.5 GPA or above, declare education as their major, and maintain that education major throughout their time at Marian University.

“We always try to find where the big needs are, and we’re talking about how can we make sure that young people across our state that want to be educators can come to Marian University without incurring a lot of costs,” said Llewellyn.

Llewellyn said the financial barrier is hard to overcome. Marian University rolled out a similar program earlier this year with a partner organization aimed at bringing in more teachers of color. The Educators of Tomorrow scholarship is another way the university is working to improve accessibility to the profession, while welcoming underrepresented groups.

“Our goal for the scholarship is a create pipelines through our state with local school districts, and have some aspiring educators. Please reach out to us, and then we can create these pipelines so students can then matriculate back into the school districts,” said Llewellyn.

For those who complete the program, they’ll be able to qualify for the 5th year program and participate in a teacher residency, earn a full salary, and free master’s at Marian University.

Scholarships will be available in 2024, and students need to have been admitted by January.