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New advocacy group wants to help Indianapolis homeless

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Advocates have gathered together to focus on improving conditions for people who are homeless in our city.

They have formed a new group called the Alliance for Homeless Transformation. There are a lot reasons why or how people become homeless. An estimated 14,000 people experience homelessness in Indianapolis.

“I recently became homeless because of me not having enough. Me and my mom and my little brother, we haven’t had the money or anything,” said one man who didn’t share his name.

Like so many others, he said COVID-19 has created some challenges. And he’s trying, but it hasn’t quite been enough.

“I have to step up as a older brother. I have to step up as an older brother to help out my family,” he said.

A group of about a dozen people gathered outside of Lugar Plaza on Friday for a news conference. They represent the newly formed Alliance for Homeless Transformation. It’s a collection of nearly 25 organizations, including churches, businesses and individuals who have a passion for helping people who have no housing and who have no home.

The group has a list of focus points they say will help improve conditions for people who are in need.

“All of us are committed to making sure that we take care of this population,” said organizer Elder Coleman.

In part, the alliance hopes to create long-term housing solutions, improve access to personal hygiene and enhance homelessness prevention through job training and other programs. They said they are reaching out to the city of Indianapolis for help with funding and access to abandoned properties.

“There is an alliance that’s willing to take care of the homeless problem, but we can no longer look at a model that is over 125 years old,” Coleman said.


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