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Relief funds help Indianapolis musicians, artists facing hardships amid coronavirus

Relief fund helps Indianapolis musicians, artists impacted by pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The potential of becoming a starving artist is getting all too real for Indianapolis artists and musicians.

Many rely solely on their income from art shows or musical performances, so they may not have to option to expect one more check. Museum closures are also creating a burden, but there is some digital relief for that.

The sound of music is starting to fade. And the artists who bring us the live sound are starting to feel it.

“There are a lot of musicians like myself that are in the city throughout the area that are not working, everything is just cut off,” said Rob Dixon. He’s a musician.

He and several groups are trying to keep the music alive by launching the Indy Musicians relief fund.

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“I know there are a lot of musicians that work six nights a week and they are not working any right now, so we want to get money into their hands,” said Dixon.

He said the talent is here, but unfortunately, artists don’t have anywhere to go.

“We can’t go see their shows right now; we can’t go to the club. We can’t go to the venues, but we can support them in this effort,” Dixon said.

While stages are empty, so are museum parking lots. And the people on the museum steps are just here to exercise.

But places like the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis are offering what they can online for free. Something like this has been in the works for a while, but the shutdown order sped up the process.

“A series called ‘Museum in Minutes,’ which takes you through each of our exhibits — no sound, just kind of walking through,” said Jenny Holland with the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

The efforts at the museum aren’t necessarily to keep artists paid but to keep children engaged. As one of the city’s top spots, its closure impacts more than just staff.

“In many cases parents are being asked to be educators, to be parents, to work full-time jobs,” Holland said.

The Arts Council of Indianapolis is also promoting its Indy Arts & Culture COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.