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Social work group pushes for more Black men to join field

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Central Indiana Association of Black Social Workers is calling on more Black men to get involved in the field.

Representatives said the need for Black male social workers is greater than ever. A diverse pool helps clients connect with people who can relate to them.

Social workers focus on a range of social concerns, from access to health care, child protection services, people in prison and much more.

“Social workers are everywhere from birth to death, even after death, dealing with all gamuts of life,” said social worker Brian Carter.

Data shows there are about 700,000 social workers in the state. The field is often dominated by women.

Carter is a member of the Central Indiana Association of Black Social Workers.

“So just like we need Black lawyers, Black doctors and everything like that, Black social workers are very important as far as being able to talk to our people about the system,” he said. “And make sure that we are not giving in to systemic racism.”

In many cases, social workers work with people who have limited knowledge of areas of health and law, a detriment for people who may find themselves in the prison system.

“Unfortunately, because it’s disproportionately African American males involved in the system, we need representation,” Carter said.

Carter said it’s important to have support from people who can relate to life experiences and culture.

“We’re all about advocating the positive and making sure we are getting our families through this rough system,” Carter said.

The organization is holding a virtual informational session Saturday for Black men interested in a social work career.


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