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Study: Minorities feel impact of COVID-19 job losses

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Research from the Pew Research Center shows that COVID-19 has forced thousands out of work, particularly minorities.

Unemployment has hit Indiana hard. Thousand of businesses have closed shop, leaving workers unemployed.

“That first wave of this location primarily affected the hospitality and tourism industries,” said Angele Carr-Klitzch with EmployIndy. “So starting the week ending March 21, we saw an uptick in unemployment and insurance benefit claims.”

The state isn’t alone in that. Unemployment is a problem across the country. The Department of Workforce Development said these industries are leading in job losses:

  • Manufacturing,
  • Accommodations & food services
  • Health care & social assistance

“There is a disproportionate number of those individuals who come from communities of color,” Carr-Klitzch said.

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Data from Pew Research shows about the same. In just one month, the data shows dramatic spikes. Hispanics went from 49% reporting job losses and pay cuts to 61%.

In that same time period, black and white people saw nearly a 10% jump. Data shows that roughly 70% of Hispanic and black people said they don’t have a three-month emergency fund, the amount recommended.

EmployIndy is working to get a large volume of Hoosiers back to work. They are helping use someone’s current skills to fit open positions.

“So we take that very seriously and we are just aggregating data as we speak to ensure that our institution has a lens around equity for the work and the resources that we are providing,” Carr-Klitzch said.

For many people, unemployment benefits will run out in July, so it’s important to start your job search now.