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Volunteers needed to assemble 15,000 e-learning kits for students

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Marion County students are back to mandatory e-learning as a COVID-19 precaution.

But, going back home will once again cause some added financial burdens for families.

The Mind Trust, Teach Indy, Teachers Treasures, and Indy Football 2022 are looking to ease that burden but they need help to put together 15,000 e-learning kits.

Teaching and learning virtually hasn’t been an easy transition in a pandemic, and, for those who’ve gotten to briefly head back to class, that time is up.

“For parents like myself that are home with a learners going out and buying those supplies again could be an off and presents itself as a hardship. And students need those things to learn,” said Sara Marshall with the Mind Trust.

Laptops and electronics aren’t the only supplies they’ll need. For many students it’s paper, pens, pencils, erasers and so much more.

“So, those things are readily available so our students spend more time engaged with their teacher learning and making the best of the virtual learning situation,” Marshall said.

For some of Indy’s lower-income families, it’s a price at least 15,000 parents won’t have to pay.

“It’s not a surprise that kids are needing things right now. To help with virtual learning. Even though we’ve had some months to adjust to this new reality. The need is still there,” said Chelsea Wilson with 2022 Indy College Football.

Taking the supplies out of the boxes is the easy and maybe even fun work, but getting all the kits packed is going to take work.

“Everyone has been affected by COVID. Especially sports especially teachers educators, parents. and students,” Wilson said.