Muncie animal care: more than 100 animals lived in ‘deplorable’ conditions

DALEVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Animal care workers in Delaware County said they found more than 100 animals – goats, cattle, dogs and horses – living in “deplorable” conditions on a property in Daleville.

Shelter workers rescued about 25 animals Tuesday and nearly 100 Monday, according to Phil Peckinpaugh of Muncie Animal Care & Control.

“We discovered pretty deplorable conditions,” Peckinpaugh said. “Animals that needed immediate attention.”

Peckinpaugh said his team found the animals neglected and malnourished. He said the owner was a dairy farmer.

“He was acquiring goats and it just very quickly got out of hand,” Peckinpaugh said. “He was embarrassed yesterday. He was very obviously seeking our help and taking our help which was appreciated by everybody.”

Peckinpaugh said some of the animals will be treated for open wounds and sores. Shelter workers will look for permanent homes for the animals. They said farmers across Indiana and shelters across the Midwest are offering help.

Elizabeth Ward stopped by the shelter Tuesday to help feed the animals.

“I know they probably don’t get much attention, especially in places where they’re neglected, so I hope that maybe it helps,” Ward said.

The animals will be examined by a state veterinarian Thursday. The veterinarian will decide what medical treatment they’ll need.

“We’re confident that all of these animals will end up in a wonderful place and they’ll never have to deal with anything like this for the rest of their lives,” Peckinpaugh said.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, it is up to Muncie Animal Care and Control whether the owner will face charges. Peckinpaugh said he does not expect the owner to face charges because he cooperated. He will also be able to keep some of his animals.

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