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Muncie man facing attempted murder charge after allegedly throwing girl in front of train

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — A 19-year-old Muncie man is facing charges of attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon after he allegedly shoved his girlfriend into the path of an oncoming train in June.

Di Morriea Turner, 19, was arrested after the incident that left him and his live-in girlfriend injured.

Officers were called to the 500 block of West 23rd Street on June 19 on reports of a person who had been struck by a train. When an officer arrived to the scene, he found Turner and his 17-year-old girlfriend injured.

The female was bleeding from her head and Turner had several injuries to his knees and elbows.

According to court documents, Turner told the officer he had been hit by a train.

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Turner’s girlfriend was life-lined to Riley Hospital for Children. She later had to have reconstructive surgery to her face, staples put in her head and stitches.

Court documents show Turner told police he was arguing with his girlfriend before the train hit them. He said they both knew a train was approaching them when he “grabbed” her and said he didn’t want her to be on the “other side of the train.”

A witness told officers it appeared Turner had the girl in a “bear hug” and “hurled”her over his shoulder, into the path of the train.

Video surveillance of the incident was obtained and an officer reviewed it. According to the officer Turner could be seen holding on to the girl by the head as she appeared to be trying to get away from him. Court documents state Turner “moved her directly in front of the moving train causing it to strike and injure her as well as Turner.”

A protective order was issued and Turner was later arrested for violating it and hitting the girl in the face.