192 dogs rescued from Georgia home

(Provided Photo/Street Paws)

Butte County, GA (Rockdale Citizen) — More than 190 dogs, the majority of them Chihuahuas, were rescued from a Butts County home on Friday, July 31. Butts County Animal Control and volunteers from Butts Mutts went to the home, where the owners surrendered the dogs and helped catch and calm the dogs down.

A total of 192 dogs were found. Animal Control took 38 of the dogs back to the animal shelter, where volunteers fed, watered, bathed, and de-fleaed the dogs. Butts Mutts reached out to several other rescue organizations – Orphan Annies, Street Paws, and Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove – to see if they could take some of the dogs. They all did, with Noah’s Ark being able to take more than 150.

Jama Hedgecoth, founder and president of Noah’s Ark, said it was one of the most deplorable cases of animal hoarding she had ever seen.

“The dogs were everywhere, literally coming out of kitchen cabinets and mattresses,” said Hedgecoth. “I am grateful we have the staff, volunteers, and resources to give these animals a new life.”

Linda Godin of Butts Mutts said the homeowners knew they were coming to take the dogs and and just wanted all the dogs to find good homes.

“People get completely overwhelmed,” Godin said. “They think they are helping, but 20 dogs becomes 40, which becomes 60 and so on! And either they don’t know who to contact or are embarrassed to contact anyone.

“That is why we try to educate people to spay and neuter their pets – low cost options are available in just about all counties! And we encourage people – if they see something to say something – you can call in and remain anonymous and welfare checks are easy to do!”

Godin expressed her thanks to the Butts County Sheriff’s Office, Butts County Animal Control, the Butts Mutts volunteers, and the rescue organizations for the work they did.

If you are interested in fostering a dog or making a donation, please contact:

• Noah’s Ark at

• Orphan Annie Rescue in Atlanta at

• Street Paws in McDonough at

• Butts Mutts at