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3-year-old Colorado boy reunited with stuffed puppy lost in Wisconsin

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colorado (KCNC) — A stuffed animal lost during a trip across the country has been reunited with a Colorado boy.

The Carrie family from Highlands Ranch was taking a trip to Wisconsin this past Christmas when they misplaced the stuffed puppy.

“Archie,” 3, had just been given the stuffed animal named Puppy Elf for Christmas, and he brought it along on the trip, but Puppy Elf got lost somewhere in the airport after they landed in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee-Mitchell International Airport shared a photo of Puppy Elf on its Facebook page, hoping to reunite the stuffed animal with its owner, and the dad of “Archie” saw the post.

The mom of “Archie,” Bobbi Jean Carey, said, “They’re saying, ‘It’s from Denver.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh,’ and I looked at my phone, and all the boys got TSA (Transportation Security Administration) stickers because they were so good going through security. I’m like, ‘I think that is his!’“

After the reunion, “Archie” and Puppy Elf hurried home to play and make up for lost time.

“Archie” and his mom are grateful to the Denver and Milwaukee airports we’re coordinating to get Puppy Elf back home.

“Archie” even got a new stuffed airplane to add to his collection.