Bus driver fired after ‘physically engaging’ man who attacked him


HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A graphic video shows a Connecticut bus driver brutally attacked by a passenger.

It happened March 4 outside the Hamden bus garage.

CTtransit said the elderly passenger, William Horn, refused to get off the bus at the last stop.

Horn then allegedly whacked 19-year veteran driver Stefan Knox in the head with a metal cane.

Next, you can see Knox struggle to get free of his seat belt while punching back at his attacker.

Just as Knox bolts off the bus, the man hops in the driver seat in an apparent effort to drive the bus away.

On Monday, WISH-TV’s sister station WTNH learned Horn, well-known to local police, was locked up for 3rd-degree assault and breach of peace.

Meanwhile, the bus driver was fired after video from outside the bus shows him performing a WWE-style dropkick on the man.

“In our view, Stefan not only protected himself by subduing the assailant a second time, but he also protected his co-workers,” said Ralph Buccitti with the Amalgamated Transit Union.

An official statement from CTtransit:

“The dangerous assault on the bus operator was absolutely unacceptable.  The driver understandably and rightfully defended and protected himself upon being attacked.  Unfortunately, after the incident had been deescalated and the bus operator had left the area while police were en route, the operator chose to return and physically re-engaged his assailant, without provocation.  Physically engaging the assailant the second time was inappropriate and dangerous.”

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