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Indy man gets 3 years for advance-fee scheme coordinated from Nigeria

The Bob Casey U.S. Court House is shown in May 2022 in Houston. (Provided Photo/Google Street View)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A 52-year-old Indianapolis man defrauded people worldwide with an advance-fee scheme he orchestrated from Nigeria, federal prosecutors say.

The jury that convicted Tochukwu Nwosisi learned people caught in the scheme lost more than $5.6 million, prosecutors say.

The case against Nwosisi was filed in May 2018. He was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering and concealment money laundering in March in federal court in Houston. His three-year prison sentence was issued Thursday.

Nwosisi was the money launderer for the ringleaders in Nigeria, prosecutors say.

A news release issued in March said Nwosisi from at least February 2015 to January 2018 participated in the scheme involving fraudulent offers of investment funding and inheritances. Co-conspirators in Nigeria induced people to wire large payments to accounts in the United States on the false belief that banks would then release their funding or inheritance.

Federal authorities tell News 8 that they don’t release jail-booking photos of criminals they prosecute.