Lions kill suspected rhino poachers in South African game reserve

KENTON-ON-SEA, South Africa (WCMH) — Officials say at least two suspected rhinoceros poachers have been attacked and eaten by lions on a game reserve in South Africa, BBC reports. 

According to a post on the Sibuya Game Reserve Facebook page, the poachers entered the reserve between the night of July 1 and the early hours of July 2. 

“One of our anti-poaching dogs alerted her handler at about 4.30 am Monday morning that something was amiss,” the post says. “At the same time the handler heard a loud commotion coming from the lions so he suspected that this was what had alerted her and was not concerned. It is not unusual to hear them at night. However, it now appears likely that the dog had been alerted by something else out of the ordinary coming from the lions.”

A field guide discovered the remains of two people, possibly three, in a lion enclosure in the Sibuya reserve. They also found a high-powered rifle, wire cutters, food supplies and an axe, according to the game reserve. 

“Clearly, the poachers had walked into a pride of six lions and some, if not all had been killed.” park officials wrote. 

It is not yet clear how many poachers were killed.