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Michigan woman accidentally receives 10 boxes of live tilapia

Israel, Akko (Acre) - October 9, 2017: Seafood sold at the Turkish bazaar in Akko . (Photo by Michael Jacobs/Art in All of Us/Corbis via Getty Images)

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Michigan (WWJ) — There was a fishy situation in Livingston County last week.

Imagine returning home and finding boxes of live fish on your front porch. How about 10 boxes of live tilapia?

That was the situation one Brighton Township woman found herself in.

Frantic, she reportedly contacted her landlord for help.

CBS News Detroit spoke with the landlord, Dan Decapua.

“She [the tenant] was just panicked about flies and what we should do,” Decapua said.

Unsure of what to do next, Decapua sought help on social media by posting a photo of the large delivery on a neighborhood group page. Less than an hour later, he received a message from the rightful owner.

According to Decapua, the owner moved from the residence years ago but accidentally sent the shipment there. The rightful owner reportedly ordered the items to be placed in a pond. Tilapia is known to combat algae.

“We didn’t want to open any of the boxes to see what was going on, but I did look up the company that sent them, and yes, you can send tilapia all over the world,” Decapua said.

This isn’t the first bizarre encounter with a tenant, Decapua says, and he’s sure it won’t be the last. He’s encouraging everyone to check their addresses on accounts before ordering online.