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Mr. and Mrs. Christmas: Family’s longtime tradition brings Christmas spirit to community

Loma Rica family's annual holiday tradition has been going on for decades. /KOVR

LOMA RICA, California (KOVR) — A Yuba County home is getting a lot of attention for its brightly lit Christmas spirit. It’s an annual holiday tradition that’s been going on for decades.

“This is our Christmas gift to the community,” Al Miners said.

It’s something people come from miles away to admire.

Al and his wife, Danielle, can’t even count the number of lights that decorate their home.

“There could be close to a million. I have no idea,” Al said.

And it’s a lot of work. Setting up these season’s greetings starts in September. Their six kids now also help deck the halls.

“Just every year, we try to figure out something new, something different,” one of their sons said.

The display really stands out along Fruitland Road in Loma Rica.

The couple is so well known for their yuletide spirit, community members even gave them a nickname.

“Mr. and Mrs. Christmas, that’s what it is,” Al said.

Nearly every inch of their front yard is merry and bright.

“Every single area that you come to is a theme of some kind,” Al said.

Themes range from Santa’s workshop to penguins and polar bears on ice.

There are also traditional decorations like swans a swimming, and drummers drumming. Others are from under the sea, or a galaxy far, far away. Many are handmade and crafted from recycled wood.

The decorations add a brilliant boost to the community’s Christmas spirit.

“It’s a lot of work and dedication put into the lights for everyone. It’s really nice,” one visitor said.

But all these bulbs add up to a big electric bill.

Al said, “$856 I think is what it was. Next month, it will probably be $900.”

Some try and help by donating money to keep the tradition going. It’s all in an effort to bring joy to this area for years to come.

“To see the kids and people’s reaction, how happy it makes them, it makes it all worth it,” the son said.

Danielle started the tradition as a way to keep herself busy when her husband went on a short deployment. Some call her the queen of Christmas.

The lights are on every night beginning at 5 p.m. through New Year’s Day.