‘Need more people like them’: Firefighters deliver orders after Instacart driver’s car destroyed in crash

Firefighters deliver orders after Instacart driver's car destroyed in crash. (KMOV via CNN)

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV via CNN) — A Missouri woman is praising firefighters for a surprising act of kindness, that kept her from losing much-needed money.

“There needs to be more people like them,” Robetta Poss said.

Poss had just dropped her son off at work Thursday when she was hit by a driver near Zumbehl Road and Interstate 70, leaving her car totaled. She is an Instacart driver and had three more delivers to make.

With her paycheck on the line, firefighters decided to make the deliveries for her.

“It was great. I love it and I appreciate every one of you,” she added.

KMOV captured the moment Poss thanked the men.

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