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Small plane crashes on I-75 in flight from Indianapolis to Cincinnati

(Photo from Video Provided/CNN Newsource)

CINCINNATI (WISH) — A small plane from Indianapolis crashed Thursday morning on an interstate in Ohio and narrowly missed a car.

A view from the ground showed how the single-engine plane came to a stop against a concrete barrier.

Driver Ryan Carpenter shot video. He was driving on I-75 North and saw the plane go down in front of him.

“I was probably 15 feet away from it when it landed. After I slammed on my brakes, it slid probably about 20-25 feet into the concrete barrier.”

Shortly before the crash, Rob Martin, was sitting in his backyard of his Hartwell neighborhood when he heard a plane and looked up. “It was flying very low and the plane was, the engine was backfiring. It really sounded to me like the plane was in distress because it was flying lower and lower.”

Martin called 911. “I said, in all probability, this plane is not going to be able to get to an airport.”

Another witness, Shaquille Montgomery said, “I seen an airplane and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, did they build an airport around here the last couple of days?’ and the next thing you know, I just seen them come down.”

It came down on I-75 near Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway.

“No body got injured luckily, surprisingly,” Montgomery said.

Cincinnati police say the pilot reported engine trouble before the crash landing.

The plane is registered to Mel Aviation LLC of Indianapolis. A check of past flights show trips were made between Indianapolis and Lunken Municipal Airport, and the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed the pilot was enroute to Lunken again Thursday.

CNN Newsource contributed to this report.