Website offering to pay you $2k to sleep for research

Top View of Handsome Young Man Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Night. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.

(CNN) — This could literally be a dream job — making money by sleeping, including a night in a five-star resort., a website that provides information on sleep quality products and research, is looking for someone willing to make $2,000 to help it study the influence of environmental factors on the quality of sleep.

“The chosen candidate will spend five nights sleeping in different environments set up by our team including one night in a luxury 5-star resort,” the posting says.

The candidate will be required to write a report about their sleep experience each night, and about how each of the specific sleep environments affected their sleep quality.

The person must then rate the environment 1 to 10 to tell researchers the difference in sleep preference.

The reward is a $2,000 payday with all expenses paid.

Interested candidates need to submit a headshot and a 60-second introduction video explaining why they want the position. Applicants must also share links to all of their social media pages.

All entries much be submitted by March 31.

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