Woman allegedly fired after asking employer to work from home amid COVID-19

Woman allegedly fired after asking employer to work from home amid COVID-19

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR/KAUT) — A woman claims she was fired after asking her employer if she can work remotely from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I mean this is a global pandemic. I don’t feel like that was very fair,” Brittney King said.

King said it was the last thing she expected from a company she worked for for almost three years.

“There were several people that were sick and I just didn’t feel comfortable taking that risk because I do have three little girls,” King said.

She said she asked management at Progrexion, a call center in southwest Oklahoma City, if there were options for employees to work at home.

“Every time I contacted her, it was ‘I don’t know yet,'” King said.

After days of asking, King said she got a call from the operations manager.

“He basically told me we were going to have to have a difficult conversation. Told me that I either needed to come in, or they were taking that as my resignation,” she said. “So, I told them I’m not resigning. I’m just waiting for the ability to work from home.”

After that, King said she was fired.

What she said was even more upsetting was learning the call center is now closed down and all employees are working from home.

“They had the meeting literally an hour after they called me to get everything set up for work from home,” King said.

KFOR contacted Progrexion last week to see if they had any comment about the matter. They haven’t heard back.

“I also have an 83-year-old grandmother. I’m her only means of getting groceries and, you know, necessities. So, I just didn’t want to take that risk,” King said.